UIYSC 2022

A. Introduction

The development of science and student creativity in innovating in the field of Science and Technology moves each student to have a scientific culture. In the last two years, there has been an increase in the number of students who are productive in terms of science, including enthusiasm in scientific writing competitions at the local, regional, national, and even international levels.

The Faculty of Science and Technology UIN Sunan Ampel also prepares the quality of human resources for superior Indonesian students through the writing of scientific papers. In addition, with the establishment of collaboration between the Faculty of Science and Technology UINSA with stakeholder parties both nationally and internationally. Therefore, The Student Achievement Improvement Unit of the Faculty of Science and Technology held an international scientific discovery competition for students around the world with the theme “UINSA International Young Scientists Competition (UIYSC)”.

UIYSC 2022 is a collaboration between UINSA and Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM). UIYSC as an appropriate learning activity to nurture the talents of young scientists who are active, creative and innovative. In addition, to find creative young Muslim scientists from various countries, providing opportunities to share and display the work or projects of young Muslim scientists so that they can encourage and improve the quality and quantity of projects in contributing to the world.

B. Objectives

  1. The objectives to be achieved in this activity include:
    Provide a stimulus to cultivate a culture of scientific discovery among UINSA students in particular, as well as students around the world in general.
  2. Develop and improve the intellectual potential, critical thinking, scientific research skills, and the spirit of scientific discovery of students and students around the world towards developing situations.
  3. Providing space for the younger generation of Muslims to excel and be productive in their work, and reliable in mastering science and technology.
  4. Adding international scale cooperation networks.
  5. Improving Student achievement at the international level.

C. Time Schedule

  1. 1st Article Submission Deadline: May 20, 2022
  2. 1st Stage of Assessment: May 21-12, 2022
  3.  Extended Article Submission Deadline: June 12, 2022
  4. 2nd Stage of Scientific Writing Competition Assessment: June 13-24, 2022
  5. Nominee Announcement: June 30, 2022
  6. Technical Meeting: July 01, 2022
  7. International Seminar and Finalist Presentation: July 02-03, 2022

D. Terms and Regulation

  1. There are two participant categories:
    • High school students from the Life Science and Social Science major.
    • College students from all scientific majors or Study Programs at Universities around the world.
  2. The competition is a group consisting of 2-3 student.
  3. Participants in one team may come from different major but in the same institution.
  4. Each team must have a mentor/supervising teacher or lecturer who comes from the same institution.
  5. One team can only submit one article and from one of the seven sub-themes.
  6. The work is original and has never been published and has never won a competition. In the case of constant scientific theft or falsification or fabrication of information, or use the work of other researchers without reference, the project will be permanently excluded from the exhibition.

E. The Categories

The theme held is International Competition on Science and Technology for Young Student Scientists with the following sub-themes:

  1. Natural Science
    The Scopes of Natural Science sub theme are: Physical science, Chemical and Polymer Science, Organic and Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Pure Mathematics (Analytical algebra), and Medical and Health Science.
  2. Environmental Science
    Environmental Science sub theme including: Environmental and Geological Engineering, Geo-technics, Petroleum Engineering, Energy and Fuels, Remote Sensing, Mining and Mineral Processing, Industrial Biotechnology, and Bioprocessing technologies.
  3. Information and Communication Technology
    Computer Programming, Database Management, Software Development Web Designing, Mobile Application Development, Project Management, Security, Networking Analysis, Media Equipment, Computer Engineering, Computer Studies, The Internet, Intranet, System Software, and Application of Software.
  4. Education
    Science and Technology in Education, Educational Psychology, Educational in general (including Training, Pedagogy, Didactics), Special Education (to gifted persons, those with learning disabilities), Education by Social perspective.
  5. Mathematics and Computer Science
    Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Probability, Computer sciences, Information Science and Bioinformatics, Digital Health.
  6. Engineering and Design
    Civil Engineering, Architecture, Architectural design, Construction Engineering, Municipal and structural engineering, Robotics, Automation and Control Systems.
  7. Islamic Integration on Science and Technology
    Halal Issues, Islamic Studies related to Science and Technology, and Science and Technology based on Islamic perspective.

F. Registration Guideline

  1. Participants register online on the Official UIYSC website by selecting 1 competition sub-theme
  2. Participants submit the Articles
  3. Participants who pass 1st Stage of Assessment will be sent a Letter of Acceptance (LoA) via email
  4. Participants re-register by paying the contribution fee to:
    BTN account 0006401300000289
    on behalf of Chancellor of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya with the following conditions:
    • National participants: Rp. 500.000,-/team
    • International participants: 40 USD/team
  5. Participants who pass 2nd Stage of Assessment will be designated as Nominees.
    After being designated as a nominee, participants are expected to be able to
    monitor all announcements on the UIYSC website.
  6. Nominees are required to attend the technical meeting.
  7. Nominees present scientific papers in front of the judges during the final round.
  8. Finalists will be announced after the judging stage.