Islamic Integration on Science and Technology

Halal Issues, Islamic Studies related to Science and Technology, and Science and Technology based on Islamic perspective.

Natural Science

The Scopes of Natural Science sub theme are: Physical science, Chemical and Polymer Science, Organic and Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, Biochemistry, Marine Biology, Pure Mathematics (Analytical algebra), and Medical and Health Science.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science sub theme including: Environmental and Geological Engineering, Geo-technics, Petroleum Engineering, Energy and Fuels, Remote Sensing, Mining and Mineral Processing, Industrial Biotechnology, and Bioprocessing technologies.

Engineering and Design

Civil Engineering, Architecture, Architectural design, Construction Engineering, Municipal and structural engineering, Robotics, Automation and Control Systems.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Probability, Computer sciences, Information Science and Bioinformatics, Digital Health.


Science and Technology in Education, Educational Psychology, Educational in general (including Training, Pedagogy, Didactics), Special Education (to gifted persons, those with learning disabilities), Education by Social perspective.

Information and Communication Technology

Computer Programming, Database Management, Software Development Web Designing, Mobile Application Development, Project Management, Security, Networking Analysis, Media Equipment, Computer Engineering, Computer Studies, The Internet, Intranet, System Software, and Application of Software.